Who Is AdVibe ? 
Online Advertising Ecosystem
AdVibe is an all-encompasing Advertising ecosystem.  From Merchant Processing (MIDS) and Landing Page design to Customer Acquisition and Customer Support.

We have a combined 40 years experience in direct response and ecommerce that we use to help create mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.  
As an AdVibe Advertiser you have access to 10+ years of experience dealing with Direct Response Campaigns & E-commerce companies.  We have internal offers, customer service & Merchant Processing available with an experienced staff.  We also offer CRM integrations, Site design, funnel builds, Landing Pages Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and development through our dev team
AdVibe affiliates have access to tons  of high converting campaigns in almost every geo.  The offers are either internal or exclusive or direct.   Fast payouts and routine feedback on performance indicators which are key for optimizing conversions
I'm an Advertiser.  I'd like to...
Acquire Profitable Customers
Our hands on experience allows us to quickly asses how we can improve your bottom line
Merchant Processing
It all starts with having a solid base of Merchant Accounts.  Your MID health is your lifeline.  We help our clients find diverse solutions that keep their campaigns running smoothly.
Customer Support
The next most important aspect of a successful online business is taking care of your customers. Our In-house customer support team is experienced and ready to handle all of your inbound and outbound needs.
Generating sales in a steady but manageable growth curve is what we preach to all our clients.  Our Account Managers will pair your campaigns with tier 1 traffic sources in order to grow your customer base in the most profitable way.
Want Your Own Development Team?
Ever wanted your own personal dev team for page designs, optimizations, CRM integrations, logos, bottle images & pixel tracking? 
Unlimited "Dev" services available through AdVibe for an insanely low monthly fee.  Interested? 
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I'm an Affiliate.  I'd like to send traffic to...
Top Converting Offers
Imagine building out an offer exclusively for your traffic.  Less competition and more control
Top Affiliate Managers
Your Affiliate Manager (AM) will routinely provide you with the top campaigns for your particular traffic type, verticals and geo's.  If there's anything you'd like to see that isn't currently on the network, we'll make sure to get it for you. 
Feedback on Traffic
Of course when you're buying media, the front end conversion numbers are the bottom line.  But it's nice to know where your traffic stands against the pack.  Especially when one day, you'll likely be driving customers to your own products.
Payments like Clockwork
We payout to our affiliates like clockwork. You don't have the time or desire to wait around wondering if a payment is coming today or tomorrow.  With AdVibe, you'll receive your payments on the same schedule every single time.
Want to Increase Productivity with your Media Buying Team? 
Many Affiliates have growing teams and JV's with partners all over the globe.  We know some of the challenges you face and we have built custom solutions!  Ask us how!
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